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Job satisfaction is falling for women in tech. Here’s why

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Skillsoft’s 2023 Women in Tech report shows job satisfaction is falling for women in tech, despite firms’ increasing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. What’s behind it?

Inclusioneering’s founder, Jo Stansfield, MBCS, FHCA, spoke to Cath Everett to share her views, and is featured in this perceptive article in diginomica.

We link this to the Agile Inclusion Paradox: Although Agile methodologies, heavily used in tech, appear to reflect some good practices for inclusion, women and people from minoritised ethnic groups still experience significant challenges

↘ Women are often steered towards less technical work, but this tends to seen as less important by tech teams, leading to barriers to progression for women

📉 Jo’s research of tech teams found people from minoritised ethnicities to have lower job satisfaction than white people, and this appears to be due to feeling lower autonomy and ability to carry out work their way. Note this is entirely contrary to the Agile values, which empahise empowerment

🌟 YET the research also shows women and people of minoritised ethnicities have GREATER career aspirations than white people and men, and have the qualifications to back it. We have huge untapped potential in our teams.

So what do we do? Solutions are needed at all levels, and these findings emphasise how important it is for tech managers to take an active role to contextualise DEI and put it into practice in their teams. 

Read more in diginomica’s article.

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