Inclusioneering™ was founded by Jo Stansfield in 2021, drawing on her experience and qualifications in engineering, software development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and organisational psychology.

Jo began her career as an engineer, progressing to senior management in leading global product development teams delivering enterprise software for the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Working in male-dominated industries sparked Jo’s curiosity about the lack of diversity she encountered and inspired her to pivot her focus from the technical to the human dimensions of engineering.

Having  recently completed her MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology, Jo is now able to leverage her business psychology skillset in pursuit of companies’ DEI agenda.

Jo brings a deep understanding of engineering culture, and lived experience as a woman within it, to her work in support of diversity and inclusion in tech and engineering organisations.

Jo’s experiences have reinforced her belief that diverse perspectives and talent recruitment are fundamental to the sustainability of the technology industry, and for the markets and communities it serves.

Diana is a leading authority on women in the world of work: the challenges they face, the reasons for these challenges and the most potent and practical solutions.

Her reputation is built on 20 years of delivering exceptional commercial performance in front-line and senior management positions in global organisations. This has led to a successful career as a coach and mentor, psychologist, speaker, author and social entrepreneur.

Diana is the founder of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Ltd., an organisation focused on identifying insights and strategies that enable women to secure the roles, recognition, support and rewards they deserve, when they deserve them.

Her extensive and ongoing research programme focuses on what matters most to women’s career progression and where organisations need to focus their resources to successfully make measurable and sustainable change.