Our data-driven approach assesses company culture and goals around talent, compliance, innovation, customer satisfaction, and social transformation.
We mine your company data (that is, human resources databases and survey results) to arrive at a blended objective and subjective view of where your organisation is, the progress that you’ve made against your DEI goals, and what remains to be done.
Inclusioneering™ a comprehensive portfolio of targeted interventions at both macro- and micro-level that enable individuals and companies to benefit from a scientific approach to DEI that delivers measurable and impactful change.

Our service offering draws on the latest research into organisational psychology, together with industry best-practices, and combined with unique insights from our own research and experience.

Agile Inclusioneering

Your organisation is familiar with Agile or Lean methodologies, and you have ambition for your Agile and Lean teams to continue to increase their performance, both in terms of conventional business success metrics, and against their DEI goals.

Organisational Inclusioneering

Your company’s internal culture is not yet an accurate reflection of the commitments and effort you have made towards being more inclusive, and this is hampering your ability to attract and promote the very best talent.  With your DEI agenda, you may be striving to achieve:

Inclusioneering Pathfinder

You have appointed diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals to spearhead change in your organisation, but they may lack the skills, experience or confidence to be true change agents.

Social Impact Inclusioneering

You’re delivering digital transformation and changing the way that people live and work, but you want to be certain that your technology is delivering equitable benefits to all members of society and that you’re keeping your promises to your stakeholders.