Inclusioneering™ is a UK-based social enterprise specialising in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) solutions and consultancy for technology and engineering organisations – that is, working towards a point where tech teams and management reflect the composition of the communities they serve; recognising and meeting the different needs of individuals; and removing barriers between talent and opportunities. We believe that digital transformation must be accompanied by human transformation if everyone is to reap the rewards.  Our vision is to ensure technology is built by, and equally benefits, every member of society, advancing humanity to a more prosperous, fair future.

We help your company create an equitable and inclusive organisational culture

The technology and engineering sectors are shaping the world we live in, yet women and minority groups in society are under-represented in their workforces. With a growing skills shortage in these sectors, organisations are recognising that they need to attract the best talent if they want to remain competitive. There is mounting external pressure on firms to demonstrate commitment and progress on diversity, equity and inclusion targets, and a growing understanding that greater diversity of people and ideas leads to exceptional performance.

Diverse, inclusive teams boost productivity and innovation; they are better at managing risk; and they and more in tune with the needs of a diverse customer base. However, it’s not always easy to attract, retain and develop under-represented talent. It takes insight, time, planning and commitment – but the return on this investment can be exponential.

We work with tech and engineering organisations to design and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, along with training and mentoring. This results in measurable and impactful change that helps companies to meet their business goals, and address the DEI questions surrounding gender identity and expression, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity, age and religion or faith.