Agile Inclusioneering

Your organisation is familiar with Agile or Lean methodologies, and you have ambition for your Agile and Lean teams to continue to increase their performance, both in terms of conventional business success metrics, and against their DEI goals.  

However, our research has found that while aspects of these processes align well with recommendations for building inclusive organisations, they do not necessarily translate into progress on inclusion alone.

Your organisation may be struggling with low progression and high turnover rates of women and minority group members.  In Lean thinking, the under-utilising of female and minority group talent is rightly seen as a form of waste, leading to lower efficiency, innovation, and sunk investment in lost talent.

Our Solution

Designed to fit seamlessly into your processes and ceremonies, this programme offers training and coaching for Agile and Lean teams and incorporates inclusion into everyday practices and procedures.

Our practical, evidence-based programme is designed to enhance teamwork, equalise opportunities and release untapped innovation. Results are measured in increased inclusion, engagement and wellbeing, and in team productivity and innovation.