Organisational Inclusioneering

Your company’s internal culture is not yet an accurate reflection of the commitments and effort you have made towards being more inclusive, and this is hampering your ability to attract and promote the very best talent.  With your DEI agenda, you may be striving to achieve:

  • diverse talent attraction, retention and development;
  • legal or regulatory compliance and reporting;
  • increased innovation;
  • increased customer satisfaction;
  • improvement in external employer rankings; and/or
  • social sustainability and impact

Our Solution

This bespoke service draws on our experience of applying business psychology and evidence-based best-practices to designing and implementing DEI programmes for global organisations.

Organisational Inclusioneering is a big-picture, end-to-end programme designed to transform the way your company thinks and operates. We gather data and insights through quantitative and qualitative data from your HR systems, engagement and inclusion survey data, focus groups and structured interviews.

We work with you to leverage this knowledge, align it with your business goals and determine a DEI strategy tailored to your needs.  

We offer ongoing support through consultancy, training and mentoring programmes, and help you measure and finesse your progress and impact.