Inclusioneering founder, Jo Stansfield, joins Bella Ikpasaja in a wide ranging discussion of all things inclusion and diversity in tech, as the inaugral speaker in her series of interviews with writers, organisational psychologiest and diversity and inclusion practitioners.

Listen to Part 1 to learn:

  • What inspired the creation of Inclusioneering
  • How Jo’s experiences returning to work after becoming a parent ignited her passion for DEI
  • How diversity impacts business outcomes
  • Effective ways to boost STEM skills for underserved communities
  • Shifts in tech and DEI that could play out over the next 5 years

If you prefer, you can read the full interview on Bella’s medium blog.

And don’t forget to tune in to listen to Part 2.

Jo Stansfield

Author Jo Stansfield

Inclusive Innovation | DEI Strategist | Business Psychology | Data Maestro Specialising in the human dimensions of technology, Jo Stansfield, an engineer-turned-business-psychologist, empowers businesses to drive responsible and inclusive innovation, fostering fair and equitable outcomes across their products, operations, and services. From startups to multinational corporations, Jo leverages a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights to catalyse impactful change, equipping leaders with the tools and strategies needed for transformative innovation that drives sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

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